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Tesla and Edison

Investigating what the subject of science is about?




You are beginning your journey into the world of science.  For some of you this may be you first opportunity to learn about what the subject of science is all about. For others science may be an ongoing and life long interest.  Science however means different things to all sorts of people. In fact even what science is and how one goes about investigating things is open to interpretation.  Your teacher's definition of science may be different from yours however to be able to study the subject we need to have some common understandings.  How does science start?  In its most fundamental form the subject of science needs to start with a question.  Think about these things: (Do you know the answers)

        Why are the planets round?  Why not Square?

      Why are some peppers hot?

          Why do you Laugh?  What purpose does it serve?

             Why are some people ticklish while some are not?

These questions may seem unimportant but they are questions and some scientist has investigated the answers.  Who is a scientist? Do you need college degrees and years of class work to understand science? Being a sixth grader in a science class are you considered a scientist?   In this webquest we are going to look at what science was to two different scientist/inventors.  You are also going to develop you definition of what science is as a student of science.

Science is to most a fundamental way of answering questions. Science looks for support from observations science does not except

The Task

In order to begin to understand science we will take a look at two scientist/inventors.  The first you have likely heard of his name is Thomas Edison.  The second scientist/inventor you likely have not heard of his name is Nikola Tesla.  Each of these scientists have influenced your life and you are likely not aware of it.  In this webquest you will be first investigating the lives of these two men. While looking into their scientific accomplishments you should keep in mind “ What did science mean to this scientist?” You should also be reading about each scientist and what you feel are some of the profound creations of the inventor. 

As, you read about the two scientists you need to always be thinking about what your class group's definition of science is.  It may change as you read and learn more. While you are creating and refining your own definition of “What is Science". 



Learning Target

To be able to compile and relay a definition for the term "science" as it relates to
Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison and Myself.



An Example (Maybe)

Your group of up to two partners will be creating a poster.  This poster may be created in any computer format you wish this may include PowerPoint, word, publisher or FrontPage. This poster must include your group's definition of science that you have written. The poster must also define a definition of science, as it would relate to Tesla and Edison. What your group feels the definition of science was from these two inventors. Ask yourself, If I walked up to Tesla or Edison and asked them “What is you definition of science?” how do your group think they would respond?


  1. Divide into groups of two. One person will be considered the recorder. This person is responsible for accumulating the information your group will use to formulate its ideas. The second person will be considered the creator. They will be responsible for creating the end poster product.  It is important however that each member help each other in their individual part in the webquest. How the poster will be done will be discussed in class as students will have several choices.
  2. Compile a record sheet (word would be best) that shows all the data your group has used.
  3. Create your poster that includes Tesla and Edison's definition of science as well as your group's definition of science.

  Be sure to highlight many (at least 10 combined) of the greater accomplishments of each scientist.

 It would also be interesting to describe inventions that maybe one of your group members has built or        thought of.




Follow these web links in this order. You may be required to read the entire site or just skim as needed.
These sites help you formulate your ideas and create ideas.



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Read this site thoroughly