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Drawing a Scientist








The purpose of this activity is to look at how each of your classmates views what a scientist is.  We will draw then catalog all the different ideas from your science class. This will not only help you develop your skills in making good observation, but will also help you to start understanding how to record and collect information for future labs.





Make a list of ten things that must be in a picture that you think all scientists must have.





On a new sheet of paper provided by the teacher draw your scientist.  Your scientist must display in some fashion the things from your list.  You should also be creative and not limit yourself to the things on your list.




  1. You must have all ten things from your list on your picture: 10pts.
  2. You need to have used most of the space available on your paper: 10pts
  3. Your drawing need to colorful and it appears that time was used to make it 6th grade level quality: 10pts

                               Points will not be lost based on your artistic ability

  1. Class time was used well to get this first part of the assignment done: 10pts





This second half of the activity will test your skills in collecting information.  In science it is important to collect information as accurately as possible.  Scientists often use tables to collect information in; tables help them to keep all of the collected information organized.  You will be setting up a table for part two and collecting information from classmates about their scientist that they have just drawn.


Be sure to listen in class as the teacher gives you instructions as to how your class will be setting up its table.




  1. Having a well developed and complete table: 10pts
  2. Having at least 50 observations/data collected: 20pts
  3. Functioned in class well: 10pts (Did work while moving around the room)