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Families of the Periodic Table




Atoms are the building blocks of molecules. In order to understand the basics of atoms you should understand the following about them:


                     Every element is made of tiny, unique particles called atoms that cannot by subdivided.


                     Atoms of the same element are exactly alike.


                    Atoms of different elements can join to form molecules.




In order to understand about the elements it becomes important in chemistry to find a system of organizing them.  We call this   system the periodic table.  The periodic table when used correctly can tell you all sorts of information about elements and in some ways about the molecules they may form.  In this activity you will be researching about the basic information that the periodic table can tell you. 


To understand the periodic table you need to know what the following term is about:




The periodic table makes it easy to use the concept of periodic law because it is organized in such a way to follow the periodic law.


Find the answer the following question.


What are a group and family on the periodic table? (Chemistry terms?)



The periodic table can tell a good deal of information we are going to concern ourselves with the families of elements.  Understanding the families can be very useful in class labs.  By understanding families we can get great insight into many of the physical and chemical properties of elements.  Use the following flow chart to help you learn about the families of element.


Research and find an answer to each of these terms, by sure and find the properties of the families and their location on the periodic table:

                                                                       PERIODIC TABLE

          METALS                                                 NONMETALS                                        METALLOIDS        


ALKALI METALS                                         HALOGENS



ALKALI –EARTH METALS                       NOBLE GASES