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Food Chain Mobiles



As you conclude your study of ecosystems and the relationships between biotic and abiotic factors, you should have a basic understanding of how a food chain within a particular biome would operate.


I forgot! What is a food chain?


As you will remember, a food chain shows how food energy is passed from organism to organism. 


You and your partner(s) will be responsible for researching and creating such a food chain, making a mobile of it, and explaining it to the class. 




Once your group has selected a biome you may begin your research. You will need to find out about the kind of producers, consumers and decomposers living in the biome.


It would be a good idea to sketch what your mobile will look like before you begin drawing or printing pictures.


You may choose to draw or print pictures of the examples you choose to use. If you are going to print, please copy and paste all pictures onto ONE Word document and print. This will require that you shrink some pictures to ensure that they all fit. Any group caught excessively printing will lose points on their project.






 Your mobile must include:

v Producers

v Primary consumers

v Secondary consumers

v Decomposers

v Remember, there should be more producers than primary consumers, more primary consumers than secondary, and so on


You must correctly show how energy is being transferred from one organism to another…. make sure that your mobile is in correct order!!


Each part of the food chain must be represented on a separate index card.


The index card must include:

v Drawing/picture of aspect being represented

v Name of drawing/picture

v Role in Food Chain/Biome

v How it receives its energy

v How energy is transferred from it

v Brief description of habitat





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