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On your last research assignment you look into the nature of chemical reactions.  Like many things in science the chemists like to put things into categories.  In order to explain the events that take place in a chemical reaction chemists have come up with several classifications of reactions.  This research assignment can be very difficult as these topics can become very complicated, do not panic do your best and all will become clear during class discussions.



The following list contains the primary types of chemical reactions.  Do your best to research what takes place in each of these reaction types.  Use the diagrams to help you visualize the reactions.



SYNTHESIS REACTION                                            A+B                       AB



DECOMPOSITION REACTION                               AB                    A+B



COMBUSTION REACTION                                     



SINGLE REPLACEMENT REACTION                                XA+B                        BA+X



DOUBLE REPLACEMENT REACTION                             AX+BY                     AY+BX