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Yellowstone/Teton Adventure Trip One
Wednesday, 28 May 2008
Wednesday Night 7:42 Teton Student
Mood:  energetic

It was a great day today my group tried to make the summit of Signal Mountain. We did not make the summit but did make about 5+ miles on the trail. We spent some time eating lunch at the first base of the mountain that leads to the summit. As, we got closer to the top it was real windy and we could see thunderstorms in the far distance. We also got to see the Grand Teton today as it finally came out from behind the clouds. We had a great dinner of BBQ chicken. I have made a great new friend (HI Emily) TTFN

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From a Teton Student Morning May 28
Mood:  a-ok
It is Wednesday 7:14am in the morning and I am about to eat breakfast. I am having a great time but today I could use some extra sleep, hiking everyday takes a bunch of energy. My group today is going on a challenge hike, this is supposed to be a test of our hiking skills we have been practicing. I am off to breakfast, talk to you later. 

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Tuesday, 27 May 2008
From Teton Student: Sara
Mood:  lucky
Today my group hiked in the Granite Canyon area. Today was real fun because we learned how to get through the forest when no on a trail. We started by following a creek that we had been told had two bridges that crossed it. We started at the first then bushwhacked in the woods till we found the second. It was teamwork to use the maps and compass to stay on course. We also had to work together to get through a willow stand that was difficult to see through. We did not see any animals today but also learned how to find things that they leave behind in the woods. We learned to read tracks, identify plants that had been eaten, and look at scat. For dinner we had meatloaf, I only had a small piece but because I do no like meatloaf but this was not bad. I liked the beans and mashed potatoes. The weather was better today it only rained in the morning, then all afternoon it was warm and we got to take our rain gear off. Teton school and the chaperone's are super cool. We had fun during free time in a cabin UNO tournament.

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Updated: Tuesday, 27 May 2008 10:36 PM CDT
Monday, 26 May 2008
Monday - Day One of True Hiking From a Chaperone
Mood:  rushed
Today was absolutely incredible! We saw the most amazing view from Coyote Rock! We hiked up this vertically challenging (pretty steep) hill. When we got to the top, winded, we saw a view that just took your breath away - even the boys were just awestruck. Along the hike we saw evidence of bear, porcupine and bison scrapings on the trees. We also saw a fresh moose skeleton, which fascinated many young biologist within the group. Oh yes, and the girls hiked as well as the boys much to the boys chagrin and amazement.

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Monday Morning 8:40 by J
Mood:  energetic
We are about to leave for our first day of hiking. I am so excitied the groups are going all over the Teton area, my group is going to Taggert Lake they tell us it still is frozen a bit. The morning temp was about 54 degrees but feels real good. It was very nice to get some sleep the bus ride was not bad but it will never be as nice as a comfy bed. We also had french toast, bacon, and oatmeal for breakfast. we also learned how to make a PLC. I hope I do not have to chase a coyote today. Hello Mom and Dad

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Sunday, 25 May 2008
Arrival at Tetons
WinkThe weather worked in our favor today!  We had an outside taco bar  at a park in WY.  It was sunny and warm- a little different than the forecast we were given.  We arrived in Jackson Hole around 4 in the afternoon- the town was very busy with the Holiday weekend!  We ate at Mile High Pizza Pie for dinner.  Then we headed to the Teton Science School to start our adventure for the week! 

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A Few Notes On Traveling from Richard
Mood:  cool
It was long but the bus was not that bad. We had fun Sunday eating at the taco bar the teachers put together for us. It was really fun to eat outdoors like a picnic with the mountains in view.

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Monday, 28 April 2008

Mood:  happy

Welcome Parents and Friends

Welcome to the official Blog of the Rockwood Grand Teton/Yellowstone Adventure Trip One. The goal for this blog is to give a few students and teachers on the trip the opportunity to communicate the daily (hopefully) experiences they are having. You are welcome to reply to the post but because this is a controlled blog your posts may not become visible till the next day.

The technology chaperone's of the trip will allow time each day for students to post thoughts about their experiences. Students will not be allowed to use last names for safety purposes. Last year we experienced some difficulties with this blog but we think it will all be a go this year.

We encourage all parents to take a look at some of the available links on this page and our attempt this year to post daily pictures from the field groups.

The Teton Technology Team 

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Updated: Monday, 28 April 2008 7:15 PM CDT

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