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Many years ago in fact about 15 to be close, Science Olympiad was started at Crestview. The idea was to give students the possibility of doing and participating in a competition that would test their science skills. 15 committed students and a few committed teachers started the program. Those early years saw Crestview shine as a school that produced some of the best students in science in the state. The early teams quickly built the foundation that today's team's follow. That foundation is one of first, the students of Crestview coming together as a team representing with pride Crestview, second learning all they could about science and third, winning. All the early teams qualified for the state tournament, this honor goes to the top three placing teams from the St. Louis regional tournament. In 1995 that team qualified for the national tournament that honor goes to the top 2 teams in the state. All the early teams had success at the state tournament. These early pioneers of Science Olympiad at Crestview have gone on to graduate from college. They have left us with the principles we follow in the present. Many thanks to the hundreds of students all the former head coaches and the faculty coaches who have been apart of Science Olympiad.




In 1999 Mr. McColgan took over as head coach from long time head coach Mrs. Smith. He has tried to continue the tradition of success. In 2000 do to high student demand the team at Crestview was expanded, Crestview now supports two Science Olympiad teams. One team called the “Rookies” is generally made up of 6th graders and is for students who would like to try the Olympiad without the full pressure of the other team. This second team called the “Competitors”or veterans is a full time commitment of work and study on the part of students. The second team is under pressure from the coaches to reach their full science potential. This team tries to work towards that goal of again qualifying for the national tournament. Under Mr. McColgan and the other 10-15 plus other faculty coaches Crestview has continued to qualify every year for the state Science Olympiad tournament. In 1999 in order to celebrate the expansion of Science Olympiad at Crestview and give the team members an idea to rally around, Mr. McColgan introduced the team “theme of the year”. The theme helps to set up an attitude or set of goals the team will follow in that given year. Sometimes the themes are funny sometimes serious. Past themes and results:

1998-1999 Shield of Power -- 2nd Place Regional, State Top Ten

1999-2000 Empowering the World of Science -- 3rd Place Regional, State Top Ten

2000-2001 Lets Rock a Little -- 2nd Place Regional, State Top Ten

2000-2002 Aliens Among Us -- 4th Place Regional

2002-2003 In it for the Fun -- 3rd Place Regional, State Top Ten

2003-2004 We are a Dynasty -- 2nd Place Regional, State Top Ten

2004-2005 One Little Victory -- 2nd Place Regional, 5th Place State

2005-2006 -- 4th Place Regional, Qualified State

Mr. McColgan continues as the current head coach of Crestview's Science Olympiad and looks forward to doing it at least for several more years.




What can be said about the future? We look to continue the traditions of the past while creating new traditions of our own. The future of Science Olympiad is dependant on students who love science coming out and becoming members of the great tradition that is Science Olympiad at Crestview Middle School.




1) Read all about Science Olympiad at the National Science Olympiad Site or more information can be found at the state Olympiad site:
State Science Olympiad Site

2) Listen to announcement at school or contact Mr. McColgan . Typically meetings and team- event selection start in early September.

3) Talk with many of the Science Olympiad alumni about how they loved the program. If you love science and fun and are willing to work hard then Science Olympiad is for you. The work is hard but the rewards are great.

If you are interested please feel free to contact Mr. McColgan with any questions.



2004-2005 SEASON

2nd place St. Louis Regional

5th Place Missouri State Tournament



The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.




Team Picture
Team Picture

Egg Drop The Drop Crew
The Road Road Scholar
Crime Busters Crime Busters
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