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Homework is an important part of any class. In 6th grade science homework is given in a limited fashion, do to the fact this is a hands on class students will many times be involved in labs that may take several days. This often leads to periods of time when students are exclusively working on all assignments in class. It is impossible to have students take home laboratory equipment and supplies this is why much of this work has to be done in class and not at home. Homework is looked upon in science as that all-important opportunity to take time at home to “clean up” and prepare labs to be turned in for the students final grade on that particular lab. Homework is also used as time to prepare for tests and quizzes. A good rule is if a student is working on a lab they can be doing something at home in preparation to turn it in. All class note taking and research activities are part of this website as well located on the activities page and note page.

So, if you ask if your child if they have any science homework and they say “no” ask to take a look at the labs. They could be working on them, see if they have followed all the directions and if the lab can be improved in some form. Most information about all the labs that are done in class are part of this website located within the ACTIVITIES PAGE .


By, the end of 6th grade science will leave with a strong foundational science education.




Challenge science will follow the same basic ideas from the section above. However, given the nature of challenge science students will be expected to do outside class work on many topics throughout the year. Challenge classes will be given outside of class work that is expected to be done and will be part of that students final quarter grades. These assignments come in the form of required outside reading of novels. (Four are required throughout the year) Students in challenge are expected as well to work on four independent projects during the year. Information on these projects can be found on the CLASS HELP PAGE . These projects will be done exclusively at home. Students who sign up for and take challenge science should have an above average interest the subject or a willingness to learn more about science. This is one of the intents of the independent class projects. In challenge science the need will often arise to research lab findings, produce comprehensive graphs, and write detailed analytical findings to labs they have done in class. These tasks will often have to be done at home and will be assigned as such.

Challenge is a demanding class designed for the student who enjoys science and wish to experience science subjects in greater depth. It is also for students who have shown a willingness to want to learn science.

This requires great effort and dedication on the part of the student.